Księga gości


  1. Hi Daga, Just to say I LOVE your new website, your dogs are beautiful. Hugs Angela

  2. Beautiful website with such beautiful, typical Beardies! Congratulations on your new arrivals, they look up to your usual excellent standards!

    • Thank You Wendy! Your opinion is very important for me – I very respected it and wish have so knowledge about Beardies!
      New puppies are cute and so much welcome.

  3. Salut les amis ,
    Bravo pour ce nouveau site web , très heureux de voir la nouvelle génération des BB de Daisy et Boss .
    Bonne chance pour l’avenir avec votre élevage.

  4. Hi Dagmara! I have finally found your website with all of your dogs. All beautiful Beardies!! Very nice website!


    p.s. Congratulations to you and Kropka & Hobbit!!

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